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Prayers at bedtime.

Tonight I am a blessed dad as I tuck my kids in bed and say their prayers.  You may think it odd that at the ages of 12, 14, 16 and 18, that they would still want to have their dad come in their rooms and take a few moments with just them and say prayers, but then again, you might be surprised.  All my kids thank me every night for doing just that.  It always seems to take me by surprise as well.  Why do kids want their dad to come in and tuck them in even at the age of 18?

Well about three months ago my 14 year old, Meredith, had an answer for me.  “You know how the dog runs up to you when you first come home and wants to be petted. You know why he does that?  Because he wants to know that the big dog loves him.  That is what I need to know as well.  When you take the time to tuck me in at night and say prayers with me, it lets me know that the big dog loves me and all is well with the world.”

I began asking my other kids if they felt the same and to a person, they all agreed immediately.  Levi, my youngest, at 12 years of age said, “If you do not tuck me in, it takes me a least an hour to fall asleep.  But, if you come and tuck me in, say prayers and give a kiss good night, I can fall asleep in five minutes and go into a deep sleep.”

I was stunned.  So every night when I consider all the reasons why I am too tired, no time, or they just won’t care, I push those thoughts aside and go downstairs and tuck all my kids in bed.  As a papa, it makes me feel great to be sure all of them knows the big dog loves them deeply and cares for them throughout the night.

Thank you Lord for the privilege of being able to pray with my kids every night before bedtime.  It is a gift from your hand that I cherish every day they are in my home.

photo by D. Mike Collins

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